News and Events

Temporary delivery of Khorasan Iran Khodro Fire Extinguishing Pumps Project

This project, which took only eight months to finish up(two months earlier than previously scheduled), includes engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of a complete jockey pump set, an el..


TAM Iran Khodro's new CEO has been announced

By order Dr. Khatibi, CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, Dr. Keyvan Vaziri was appointed as the new CEO of TAM Iran Khodro.


With the establishment of the production line and assembly of RAM and Farman, Tara and Dena auto-transmission cars were made

Currency savings of more than two million dollars with the design and domestic production of ROM pa..

In line with Ayatollah Khamenei's emphasis and according to this year's slogan "production, knowledge-based job-creating" and also the pact of senior managers of Iran Khodro Industrial Group on the p..


By order of the CEO of Iran-Khodro Industrial Group

The new CEO of TAM Iran-Khodro was introduced

Engineer Aminollah Haddadi was appointed as the new CEO of TAM Iran Khodro.


Twenty third anniversary of TAM company's establishment

TAM company with more than three decades of activity in the field of engineering and obtaining scientific degrees is now a great knowledge-based company and it ..


Air Separation Unit Commissioned at Bardsir Steel Making Complex

Construction of Bardsir ASU is an achievement for TAM through which acquired another outstanding experience in erection of air separation plants.


Inaguration of National Project of Bardsir Steel Plant

Bardsir steel making plant officially inaugurated by Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri


Tam Iran Khodro Program for the Development of Mechanized Parking in the Country

Tom Iran-Khodro Corporation has announced the development of mechanized parking in order to help reduce traffic in the high-growth cities of the country.