TAM Iran Khodro Company has started its activities since 1997 in the automotive industry as a General Contractor and total Solution Provider and it has the capability of executing project under EPCC (Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Commissioning and Installation) along with providing finance and after sale services.

TAM automotive industrial activities are run in the following groups:

  • body, pressing and die Group
  • painting Group
  • final assembly and delivery systems Group
  • Maintenance and Preventing & maintenance Group

In addition, activities of automotive groups are controlled and supported by:

  • Engineering
  • Planning and Project Control
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing and procurement

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Available Services

  • Project Management of EPC and Turn Key
  • designing site Plan and its implementation
  • Calculating and providing the direction of circulation of materials in traffic routes of shops and factories
  • Process Design
  • Supplying of spare parts equipment for car production lines.
  • Designing , manufacturing and procurement of all equipment of automotive factory
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Providing and presenting special training
  • after sales service
  • advising on all areas of the automotive industry
  • Maintenance and repairing of production equipment and lines

Engineering Abilities

Through numerous projects over the last 15 years and transference of technology from technological companies and also implementing numerous R & D projects in automobile industry, TAM’s Automotive Industry Group Co has reached an ability to carry out automotive projects at every levels of automation and any capacity. To achieve these capabilities, Industrial Automotive is supported by Control and instrumentation and mechanic and robotic groups.

By the use of CATIA V5,DELMIA,PLM,AUTOMATION STUDIO,MDT,NAVIS WORK,FLUENT,ANSYSS,CMMS,.........,TAM’s engineers are Able to design and simulate process and equipment of car production lines in the shortest time and highest quality.

Some engineering and project management capabilities are mentioned below:

· Identifying and defining clients and other project stakeholders needs
· ensuring Feasibility, scheduling and budget planning
· Conceptual design of production lines
· Designing process of production lines
· phasing project according to customer needs
· Providing technical specification of production lines by paying attention to production needs
· Designing production halls and equipment layout based on cost and diversity of production
· cooperating with the Product Design team and beneficiary
· Editing equipment and installation requirements
· Designing required Control system
· design all required protection and safety systems
· Integration of mechanical and electrical activities of production lines of body, pressing and die, paint, final assembly and transferring system, robot ...
· Designing system of whole halls’ installations
· Delivering equipment from manufacturers in compliance with the demands of design and request of beneficiary


Various devices are used in automotive manufacturing lines and they are made due to the nature of each device and their application or in a case of existence they are supplied as standard equipment for other sources.

Major procurements include the following items: · Procurement of press lines with presses such as (G1,G2,G3,progressive) · Procurement of tryout press, spotting press · Procurement of production lines of Blanking, Slitting lines, cut to Length lines and Turn over machine. · Procurement of press lines for car parts(G1,G2,G3,progressive) · Procurement of all standard, consumables and spare parts of body, pressing and die, paint and assembly lines · Procurement of body welding gown · Selection and procurement of special tools, electric and manual · pneumatic of lines based on production process · Selection and procurement of equipment which fills circuits such as engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, hydraulic steer and cooler · Selection and procurement of a variety of test equipment such as end of line testing of brake, adjustment of steer and the lighting to suit the Automobiles needs and customer standards


TAM's Automotive Group Inc. by the back of its subsidiaries and Iran Khodro Industrial Group such as Machine Tools(IKMT),Iran Khodro industrial molds(IKID),Iran Khodro advanced molds(GPI), Can participate in installation ,construction , commissioning and equipping production halls of automobiles as EPCC projects.