Transportation and infrastructure

TAM Co. started its activities in railway industries from 2004 and became a General Contractor with special abilities in implementation of EPCC projects (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning) with offering finance and after sales services. Now we are developing our abilities and experience in transportation and infrastructure.

Available Services

  • Design, Procurement and construction of Urban and Suburban transportation rout and infrastructure as a turnkey project.
  • Design, Procurement, Construction of electrical and mechanical equipment infrastructure of urban and transportation rout and infrastructure including:
    • Architectural design of stations for urban & suburban transportation rout and infrastructure
    • Construction of sub-structure & super structure, stations depot & parking and OCC
    • Construction of underpasses bridges & Tunnels
    • Signaling, Control and Communication
    • Power supply, Traction substation, overhead centenary systems
  • Ventilation of tunnels, stations and control buildings
  • Fire alarm system & Fire extinguishing system (FAS/FES)
  • Elevator and Escalators
  • Automatic fare collection (AFC)
  • Depot equipments
  • Rolling Stock supply for urban and suburban railway lines
  • After sale services

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Engineering Abilities

  • Interface Management
  • System engineering and civil, Structural and architectural engineering.
  • Electrical and Mechanical system Engineering
  • Fleet engineering (engineering and technology transfer in design and construction orders)


  • Cooperation with well-known international companies in electrical and mechanical railway equipment
  • Cooperation with rail manufactures and substructure & superstructure construction contractors
  • Having commercial offices in China, Germany, France and UAE


  • Installing machinery & equipment
  • Qualified Laboratories
  • Construction and Assembly workshop
  • Having Award of contractor & EPC ranking from Vice-Presidency of strategic planning & supervision of Iran


Financing the project using methods of BOT, BOO and…in corporation with Local and international financial institutes

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