TAM Central Procurement Department in provides a full range of professional procurement services to all company projects aimed at achieving the main objectives of procuring the project materials, equipments and services on time and to the specified quality.
The Central Procurement Department performs its duties according to an ISO 9000-2008 approved procurement manual.

In addition to the above, TAM’s E-Procurement Department, based has added remarkable contributions to TAM’s procurement capabilities through establishing a unified TAM materials catalogue with standard materials coding, introducing Supply Agreements for standard projects items, identifying competitive sources of materials and providing Procurement services .

The Procurement scope of services covers the following activities:

  • Purchasing/Sourcing and Market Expertise
  • Desk and Shop Expediting Services
  • Quality Surveillance (Test / Inspections)

Identifying and sourcing suppliers:

  • Manufacturers and contractors are identified and sourced by following ways:
  • Attendance in the Industrial public and technical exhibitions 
  • Books that provide contractors and suppliers’ information
  • Information obtained during the project implementation and evaluation meetings
  • Guild and technical associations
  • Use of the information in the Ministry of Industries and Mines in Tehran and other Provinces if needed
  • Self description of Suppliers
  • Introducing colleagues (groups / units)
  • Using the website
  • Databases contractors and suppliers

The number of registered suppliers in database suppliers: 20350 suppliers This number includes: Builders, contractors, engineering and consulting and commercial companies, domestic and foreign vendors and individuals (including Designers and Consultants, Building landlords, drivers, etc.).