Design, procurement, installation and commissioning 

Available services

Providing services for industrial automation, design and manufacturing special purpose machines, design and execution of production lines, design and manufacturing of industrial manipulators



• Basic and detail engineering process design

• Designing 3D display model of equipment

• Robotic simulation, robot selection and layout design

• Robotic end effector design (Spot/ arc Welding Gun, spray/sealer gun, gripper, hanger etc.)

• FEA & analytical analysis of equipment structures

• Designing Pneumatic and hydraulic systems

• Obtaining design approval from client based on agreed requirements and regulations

• Providing manufacturing drawings, layout, hydraulic and pneumatic drawing

• Providing component’s purchasing list

• Providing maintenance instruction

• Technical Supervision and monitoring/verification of outsourced design

• Providing technical and commercial proposal


Equipment supplying

• Evaluation of suppliers and manufacturers

• Validation of manufacturing documents based on agreed regulations

Installation and commissioning

• Installation according to checklists

• SAT and FAT tests

• Functional performance, welding, paint… tests

• Robot teaching/ programming

• Increasing production capacity by Optimization of robotic lines(especially press lines)