230.63 KV substation of Khamer port was electrified

230.63 KV substation of Khamer port was electrified
As the first experience of constructing a high voltage substation at the voltage levels of 230 and 63 kV, Bandar Khamer substation was electrified by the experts of TAM Iran Khodro Company.

  The contract for the construction of 230/60KV substation in Bandar Khamer was signed in 2017 between Hormozgan Regional Electric Joint Stock Company as the employer and TAM Iran Khodro as the EPC contractor.
 The signing of this contract as the first contract of TAM company with the Hormozgan Regional Electricity Company, which holds a great deal of significance, due to the provision of electricity to specific economic and industrial areas being important for regional electricity companies of the country, also considering that this project is the first operational experience of TAM Company in voltage levels, it is a matter of utmost importance. 230 and 63 kV are considered high voltage substations and it was of particular importance for TAM company.
 The economic and political conditions of the country in recent years, which occurred in the March of 2018 and simultaneously with the start of the implementation of this project, with a sharp increase in the exchange rate and metals and accompanied by the intensification of sanctions, have presented many financial, commercial and technical challenges in the process of implementing the project. However as always, the experts of TAM company were able to face all the challenges in hand, and in the evening of Saturday, August 20, they succeeded in synchronizing this important project with the national electricity grid of Iran, and during the peak of the summer electricity, this large substation was installed.

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