Certificates & Awards

Certificates and Awards
  • Certificate of Competency No.1 for design and construction in electric and metal industry from Strategic Supervision Deputy President
  • Certificate of Competency No.1 in industry and mine, facilities and equipment and building and
  • Certificate of Competency No.2 in power generation from Strategic Deputy President
  • Iran’s top (A+) Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractors
  • Integrated Management System of quality, safety and environment(IMS)
  • Winner of Iran’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise(MAKE)Awards as one of Iran's five representatives in Asian completion
  • Iranian National Financial Management Award in 2011 and 2012
  • Excellence Award in EFQM Model from Institute Productivity and Human Resource Development
  • National productivity Award of organization Excellency
  • Silver Trophy of forth National Award of Financial Management
  • Certificate of Competency in the field of Maintenance, Procurement, Construction and Operation of Machinery and utilization of facilities from the Ministry of Cooperatives Labour and Social Welfare.
  • Certificate of competence for Service, Supply and Technical Engineering Companies
  • Slab Tilting Device
  • High Visqez
  • Flexible Glue Gun
  • Vision Detection System of the position of sheets in Press Lines
  • Smart Centering Table
  • Pneumatic Gantry Robot
  • Smart Manipulator
  • Cable Manipulator
  • Cable Manipulator(High Performance)
  • Welding Gun(Ultrasonic)
  • Monorail Switch
  • Automatic Tube Filling Machine
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