Certificates & Awards

Certificates and Awards



- Certificate of knowledge-based companies
- Contracting Certificates:
  • Grade A in mining industry 
  • Grade A in the field of facilities and equipment 
  • Grade A in the field of civil, buildings and structures 
  • Grade A in the field of power (sub-field of substations, transfer and distribution of power) 
  • Grade B in the field of oil and gas (sub-field of transmission lines, tanks, pumps and oil and gas networks) 
  • Grade B in the field of road and transportation

- Technical and engineering license in the field of machinery and equipment industries 
- Certificate of competence in consulting services (specialized in basic metals, rolling, smelting, casting and machining industries) 
- Certificate of competence of executive contractors of industrial projects by design and construction method - a sub-discipline of industry and industrial automation 
- Rank A in the evaluation of  EPC companies, the field of industrial and mining activities 
- Certificate of technical and civil contracting competence of Tehran Municipality
-Certification of contractors' safety qualifications
- TAMSKADA software technical certificate


  • Top engineering company in the country in 2020
  • IMS integrated management system
  • IRAN MAKE AWARD for the top 5 knowledge companies in Iran
  • Country's Financial Management Award in 2011 and 2012
  • The crystal trophy of the National Productivity Award, EFQM
  • Slab Tilting Device
  • High Visqez
  • Flexible Glue Gun
  • Vision Detection System of the position of sheets in Press Lines
  • Smart Centering Table
  • Pneumatic Gantry Robot
  • Smart Manipulator
  • Cable Manipulator
  • Cable Manipulator(High Performance)
  • Welding Gun(Ultrasonic)
  • Monorail Switch
  • Automatic Tube Filling Machine
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