Power and utilities

TAM has started its activities in the field of Energy and Utilities Since 2000 and now has the role of general contractor EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning) as well as providing financing and After-sales service.

Volume, variety and specialty of referred projects caused formation of organization of specialized working groups on the following areas of work and continuously expansion of that in terms of quality and quantity short after formation of the group itself.

Available services

Electrical Utilities

  • Power generation
    • Thermal power plants (gas, steam, combine cycle and …)
    • Distributed generation, CHP
    • Emergency generators
  • Electrical substations in different voltage levels such as 63,132,230, and 400 kV using different technologies like Indoor, Outdoor, GIS and AIS
  • Electrical transmission lines and distribution networks in different voltage levels such as 63,132,230, and 400 kV
  • Power quality systems and FACTS

Mechanical Utilities

Engineering, Calculation, Procurement and execution of mechanical systems containing:

  • Energy production and distribution systems for Process
  • HVAC Systems
  • Dry and wet cooling systems
  • Water treatment and industrial sewage systems
  • Industrial piping and ducting
  • Automatic and manual fire fighting systems
  • Pump houses and water distribution systems
  • Gas reducing stations and fuel systems

Telecommunication and Safety Systems

Engineering, procurement and Construction of Safety, Security and Telecommunication systems as follows:

  1. General telecommunication systems consist of:
    1. Sound systems consist of paging and intercom system
    2. Telephone and PABX system
  2. Closed circuit television system(CCTV)
  3. Addressable and conventional fire alarm system
  4. Building management systems consist of coordinating and management of electrical and mechanical facilities.
  5. Access Control and Automatic Doors

400.33 KV substation of Bardsir steel factory

This substation is one of the few 400 kV substations at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level. Due to the connection to the national network, part of the network power is exchanged through this post. Bradsir power station has two transformers, one of which is 70 MVA and related to the revitalization plant, and the other one is 170 MVA and related to LF and EAF furnaces. In high pressure substations, air is used as insulation, and when the air pressure decreases, this insulation is weakened, which is of great importance for designing the general plan and the distances of equipment in two electrified parts. This sensitivity is relevant f... More

Other Projects

Client: Khorasan Province Electrical Company
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