Control and Instrumentation

Instrumentation and control (I&C) is the Division of TAM dealing with projects in the field of automation and The Instrumentation and control provides solutions in the field of PLC/ DCS control systems, robotics, SCADA and process tracking under international standards. I&C operates in the steel Businesss, cement, oil, gas and petrochemical, automotive, automatic car parking system and automatic warehouse and energy production. Instrumentation and control systems in process automation and factory automation under EPC contract.

Available services

I&C provides engineering services, software development, construction equipment and after sale services.

Engineering Abilities

Instrumentation and control provides preliminary and detailed design engineering for automation (process automation, supervisory automation, process tracking and much more) and electrical distribution MV/LV. The developed projects range from engineering complete for an entire factory to engineering for a simple machine panel; the Design Department uses all the major tools of market design (HYSYS, IN TOOLS, EPALN P8). Owing to the continuous and direct dialogue with Project Managers, the Design Offices maintain a comprehensive view of a project’s multiple evolution stages, thereby ensuring a high standard of product quality and delivery times.


The software development section of I&C Automation is dealing with 3 main field:

  • control software (Siemens, ABB, PHONIX, BECKHOF, PILZ, Omron, etc.)
  • monitoring software (IFix, Cimplicity, WinCC, InTouch)
  • Applied software which is created by programming language such as visual studio, .net, Java, c, c++

I&C independently realizes software for adjustment systems of the main industrial production processes; for example Blast furnace system adjustment, automatic warehouse system management, central control system of the production units of a factory, copper manufacturing process control in a production complex and automotive process control.

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The software development department besides develops planning for the hardware structure with which to combine the created software, verifying regulatory compliance and system design compatibility. Automation software and its networks are tested in architectures found in the company and simulating the Client’s structure through a wide PLC range of any brand and model.


I&C can provide all its projects equipments; this group can do that by continuous communication with TAM foreign offices in Germany, china and Dubai and also because of existence of an expanded supply chain, we can supply all internal equipments and standard devices for construction.


TAM has a wiring and assembling workshop which is located in the main place of the company in Tehran. The workshop has all needed equipments for panel wiring and assembling. The existence of this kind of workshop near engineering offices causes observing international standards and special properties which is demanded by customers.


Instrumentation and control mainly presents itself as a General Contractor in realization of entire projects and so deals directly with the installation and putting into service of the systems produced and supplied. In accordance with customer needs and the characteristics of the project, I&C can provide both the construction service and that of putting into service, or only partial stages of the project, by entrusting the coordination of operations to expert Project Managers.


  • Process control systems based on DCS
  • Process control systems based on PLC
  • Process control systems based on PC
  • Control Robotic
  • Vision (Machine vision, Robot vision, Tracking)
  • AVG transportation systems
  • SACDA systems
  • Control system of Automatic car parking system, automatic warehouse system and cargo handling system
  • Recognition and tracking production systems with RAFID and imaging process

Other Projects