With the establishment of the production line and assembly of RAM and Farman, Tara and Dena auto-transmission cars were made

Currency savings of more than two million dollars with the design and domestic production of ROM parts

 Currency savings of more than two million dollars with the design and domestic production of ROM parts
In line with Ayatollah Khamenei's emphasis and according to this year's slogan "production, knowledge-based job-creating" and also the pact of senior managers of Iran Khodro Industrial Group on the production of cars without missing parts, the production line of ROM and assembly of ROM and Farman, with the efforts of the experts of Tom Iran Khodro Company, Tara and Dena auto-transmission cars were created.
      Ecopress- the CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, at the inauguration ceremony of this production line, said: "Machinery Tools Industries Company, considering the history and equipment of production lines and having specialized manpower, has the capacity of producing the required parts for Iran Khodro production lines."
     Dr. Mahdi Khatibi, considering that the Machine Tool Industries Company is involved in achieving all the central goals for Iran Khodro, said: "By launching the production line of ROM, Dena Plus and Tara cars, will have a reduction in production costs and an increase in depth for domestic production."
     The CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group added: "This company should meet the needs of the after-sales service network by increasing production capacity and plan the development of the outside market of Iran Khodro Industrial Group and provide conditions for exporting its quality products." 
     Dr. Khatibi added: "Independence from foreign sources and attention to domestic capacities is one of Iran Khodro's priorities, and as long as it is possible to produce a part domestically, that part shall not be imported."
 He said: in order to give life to the slogan "production, knowledge-based job-creating", attention to knowledge-enterprise companies and increased employment should be the agenda of all companies and machine tools.
 It is worth mentioning that this line, which has been installed, tested and commissioned with the knowledge of TAM’s specialists, has much higher quality products than similar domestic models, which are now ready for mass production for the products of Iran Khodro Industrial Group.
     The production capacity of RAM and Steering wheel for Tara and Dena automatic vehicles is about 100,000 units per year, which can be doubled before the second half of 2022, with changes planned by TAM's specialists.
     Taking into account the foreign exchange price of this part, as well as the ancillary costs (shipping and customs), the foreign exchange savings for each part is more than 20$, which will amount to two million dollars annually.
     According to the policy of maximizing the capacity of domestic engineers, creating a healthy competitive environment between suppliers and reducing dependence on non-IranKhodro suppliers, the car was defined as a mission for the knowledge-enterprise TAM Iran Company to cooperate with Khajeh Nasir University and use the experiences of this university to design RAM parts for new Iranian cars.
 In the meantime, the experts of Tom Company received 350 hours of training to pave the way for designing a completely new Iran Khodro domestic product, namely K125.
     In the inauguration ceremony which was held at Iran Khodro Machine Tool Company, the CEOs of Tom Iran-Khodro, Iran Khodro Machine-Tool Industries and a group of senior managers of Iran-Khodro Industrial Group were present.
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