With the presence of TAM Iran Khodro Company;

The 2022 Russia International Automobile Exhibition was opened

The 2022 Russia International Automobile Exhibition was opened
The 2022 Russian International Automobile Exhibition was opened on August 31 with the participation of 600 companies from 18 countries with the presence of Iran's Ambassador in Russia, Minister of Security, Albert Karimov, Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group.

     In this exhibition, the capabilities of 21 companies of Iran Khodro in the fields related to passenger cars, diesel cars and engineering services were displayed by presenting 99 parts and in 232 meters.
     TAM Iran Khodro Company has also participated in this exhibition with the aim to present its capabilities in order to create new production lines and optimize the current production lines of automobile manufacturers and cooperate with Russian component manufacturers due to the strict Western sanctions against the country.
     The purpose of Iran Khodro's presence in this exhibition is to form long-term cooperation with Russian car manufacturers and parts manufacturers. In this exhibition, the suppliers of Iran Khodro Industrial Group are present at the booth of this car manufacturer.
     It is worth noting that this exhibition will be held from August 22 to 5, at the Moscow International Exhibition Center.


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