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TAM Irankhodro
Here, vacations have a different meaning, vacations are time for more work, in a limited time!
From the 6th to the 13th of August, As usual, the production line of Iran Khodro is stopped every year.
During this period, like Nowruz holidays, there is a golden opportunity for companies like TAM Iran Khodro to implement a series of projects that are not necessarily possible during production.
The types of projects that are carried out during this period are aimed at preventing production stoppages and improving the productivity of production lines, which are mainly done with the cooperation of Iran Khodro's maintenance and repair, engineering and technical services units.
In line with its commitment to increase the quality and quantity of Iran Khodro lines during the summer holidays this year, as in previous years, TAM Company had an intensive program for the implementation of the project in Iran Khodro, and this program was based on the production limitations of Iran Khodro and the stop times of the line during the summer holidays. It was notified about obtaining work and safety permits necessary for implementation.
During such days, the experts of TAM company implement pre-defined projects with exemplary effort and in a short time.

G1-1 press line automation upgrade project
The project of updating the robotic paint spraying system number 2
Updating the body's robotic equipment
Blanking Shuler Line Automation Renovation Project
Trim 2 phase 2 control system update
Master Plan No. 2 (fire announcement and extinguishing) of Iran Khodro Company
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