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Alborz 400 KV power transmission station was launched with the presence of the Minister of Energy

Alborz 400 KV power transmission station was launched with the presence of the Minister of Energy
On the morning of July 29, with the presence of the Minister of Energy, the Governor of Alborz, the managers of Tovanir and Tehran Regional Electricity Company, the CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group and Tam Iran Khodro Company, the 400 to 63 KV Baghistan power substation of Alborz province as one of the major national projects and with the maximum use of The executive power of domestic experts was launched .
On the sidelines of the opening of this power station, Ali Akbar Mehrabian, Minister of Energy, emphasized: Considering the unprecedented development of the population in Alborz province and especially Karaj, it was necessary to take special measures regarding its electrical infrastructure. The Ministry of Energy approved measures in the field of electricity management for the years 2022 and 2023 in order to minimize imbalance in the network while managing electricity.

He added: among these measures was the construction of lines and substations in the electricity network, and among these, the construction of the first 400 kV substation was a necessity for Alborz province.
The Minister of Energy emphasized: This post was one of Tavanir's development plans, which, with the efforts of its contractor, TAM Iran-Khodro Company, gained a very good speed and reached the operational stage the least amount of time possible, and now it is more than 70% loaded. This amount of download during the first few days of launch indicates the network's need for such a post.
It should be mentioned that the Baghistan substation is operational on a seven-hectare land, it has a 200 MV ampere transformer and 6 63 kV output feeders and is connected to the national 400 KV network of the country.

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