400.33 KV substation of Bardsir steel factory

  • Client: foolad sirjan iranian
  • Project Status: finished
This substation is one of the few 400 kV substations at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level.
Due to the connection to the national network, part of the network power is exchanged through this post. Bradsir power station has two transformers, one of which is 70 MVA and related to the revitalization plant, and the other one is 170 MVA and related to LF and EAF furnaces.
In high pressure substations, air is used as insulation, and when the air pressure decreases, this insulation is weakened, which is of great importance for designing the general plan and the distances of equipment in two electrified parts. This sensitivity is relevant for the height above 2000 meters, for this reason, the equipment was specially installed for this project and with the help of internal construction and of course, the best domestic experts, this important task was done and Tom used his local knowledge in the field of development of electric substations. He completed a variety of projects and after Bardsir substation, he was able to complete many other projects as well.
400.33 KV substation of Bardsir steel factory