Bardsir Steel Making Plant

  • Client: SISCO
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Start Date: 2011 Mar

Bardsir Steel Complex project, is located near Bardsir city (40 km from Kerman) and
expected to produce 800 thousand tons of steel (billet / bloom) after commissioning.
Scope of work includes engineering services; procurement of equipment,
consumables and spare parts, construction works, transportation, installation and
testing the equipment and commissioning the plant. warranty and after sales
services are also included.
Complex main plants and units are:

  •  Steel making plant, includes electric arc furnace, ladle furnace and continuous
    casting machine
  • Dedusting plant and smoke Filtration System
  • Water treatment plant, cooling and distribution water systems
  • Air separation plant to produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon
  • Scrap yard for Storage and preparation of scrap iron
  • Electrical substation and power distribution network for whole plant
  • Production and distribution of compressed air
  • Natural gas pressure reduction station
  • Distribution of compressed air and fluid requirements
  • Warehouses
Bardsir Steel Making Plant