Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

TAM has begun its activities in the oil and gas industry since 2005 and is currently a general contractor capable of implementing project in this field as EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning services) contractor in addition to providing finance and after sale services.

Available services

  1. EPC contractor
  2. Manufacturing and packaging of some skid mounted packages and equipment
  3. Fabrication of equipment in Oil and Gas and petrochemical industry
  4. After sale services

Some of Engineering services are presented in below :

  • GAS Compression Stations
  • LPG Packages
  • Spherical Storage Tanks
  • Crude Oil Treatments
  • Packages of Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Metering & Proving Systems
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Engineering Abilities

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical department of TAM implements engineering services such as Piping, Process, Mechanical, Control & Instrumentation, Electrical, Civil and Planning in some principle of oil, gas and petrochemical units as follows:

  • Refineries facilities
  • Pressurize and pump stations
  • Storage tanks.
  • Piping and pipelines
  • CNG stations
  • LPG Systems
  • Metering systems
  • Mini refineries

group of oil, gas and petrochemical department is based in Tehran and at TAM Iran Khodro Co. and administrative personnel; equipments and machines according to existing projects are organized in different parts of the country (especially the ASALUYEH, Bandar Abbas, etc.).

We are Capable of providing engineering services in partnership with reputable licensor companies in the areas of: Vapor Recovery Unit, Tail Gas Treatment unit, Environmental Assessment, Gas and Liquid Pressurize Stations, LNG,


According to our Cooperation with international manufacturer and engineering companies that we are able to supply equipment (fix, rotary, electrical and instruments, pipes and fittings) from them

Other Projects